January 2022 Workshop

Nurturing the Unique Infant Brain

The infant brain is incredibly unique and special.  Infancy, from 0 to 3 years old, is the most explosive time for brain development where an incredible one million connections per second are formed in the brain.  In infancy, genetics and experience together build fundamental brain structures that support lifetime health.  The most important experiences for the developing brain are responsive relationships and co-regulation during stress.  Sleep is an important part of infant brain development and providing safe supported sleep is highly enriching.

We will look at exactly how the brain grows in infancy, how sleep is fundamental to the developing infant brain and how we can support both brain development and sleep.



  1. Why the infant brain is unique.
  2. How stress systems develop in the infant brain with experience
  3. How responsive relationships are enriching
  4. How sleep is impacted by relationships and co-regulation
  5. Ways to support brain development and sleep
Workshop Details

When is it?! January 22, 2022 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

How long will it be?! This workshop will be 3 hours total. There will be 2 hours of lectures and 1 hour of interactive exercises.

Who is collaborating?! Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum, PhD

Where? This will be a virtual workshop taking place in GoToWebinar.

How long will I have access? You will have access to the recording for 12 months after the workshop takes place.

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Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum, PhD

Neuroscientist, Infant Sleep Expert, Doula, Change Maker 
Greer Kirchsenbaum, MSP, bebo mia, instructor for doula training, doula, neuroscientist

Dr Greer Kirshenbaum PhD is a neuroscientist, infant and family sleep specialist and doula. Greer’s company, Nurture Neuroscience, is on a mission to transform the future of health with a nurture revolution in infancy. Greer wants families and perinatal practitioners to understand how early caregiving experience can boost mental wellness by shaping babies’ brains through simple intuitive enriching experiences in pregnancy, birth and infancy. Greer works with families to support infant sleep, teaches courses, provides consultations in pregnancy and infancy and is a birth and postpartum doula. She is currently facilitating an Infant Sleep Educator course with Bebo Mia.

Greer has a BSc in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University and a PhD in Medical Science and Neuroscience from the University of Toronto. Greer completed a postdoctoral fellowship and was an assistant professor at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.  Greer studied: psychodynamic thinking and practice at New York University Medical School Institute for Psychoanalytic Education.  Greer took courses in infant-parent relationships and mental health at Yale University Child Study Center Minding the Baby Program, The Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute and The Hospital for Sick Children. Greer trained as a Doula with bebo mia. Greer trained as a life coach with the Center for Applied Neuroscience.