2022 Workshop - Date tBD

Surviving the First 12 Weeks Postpartum with Multiples

Life takes us down many roads when becoming pregnant and one of them is multiples.

There have been many conversations about what birth is like with twins, triplets, and more. But few about those first few tender weeks.

We are going to deep dive into how to gain your footing on this road to multiples and how to not only survive but thrive as a parent.

We will talk about schedules, naps, and gear in addition to the inner workings of a multiple parent's minds.  

These first few weeks can be very different for each family of multiples.

Our hope is this workshop will prepare any birth worker and family-oriented entrepreneur to work with families in the most tender of moments. 

How can I get involved? Step-by-step video on how to register for the bebo mia workshops

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Workshop Details

When is it?! TBD

How long is it?! This workshop will be 4.5 hours

Where? This will be a virtual workshop taking place in GoToWebinar.

How long will I have access? You will have access to the recording for 12 months after the workshop takes place.

How much is it? For this workshop, you only need a credit of $147



Two Came True

Jennifer Bonicelli (she/her)+ Meghan Hertzfeldt, (she/her) founders of Two Came True

We are Jenn and Meghan, two gals from Denver, Colorado who quickly became friends through common interests.  Our connection grew stronger after we both struggled to start our families and coincidentally both became mothers to twin boys! We were fortunate enough to have been support systems for each other during our personal journeys through infertility and even bigger cheerleaders for each other as mothers of twins.

They now have built a thriving global community of supporting for parents of multiples!